Feb 19, 2012


So I have seen infinity scarves that I absolutely love but because of the way they are made I just couldn't justify dropping 80 bones on one. So I ventured out to make my own, only took me six months of having a bag full of the materials in my closet to actually break it out and begin my project.
 Finished Product

 So I started out by just grabbing some cotton material at JoAnn Fabrics. Now I spent time making sure that when I pulled the cut side of the fabric that when I released it it would roll over itself. Because there were so few that resulted that way I had limited color options. (Fart noise) So I opted for a regulah-old blue and a dark blue (not pictured). Thankfully the regular blue actually was sold in a tube shape so I didn't have to sew any ends together.
Fold the material so that the cut end lines up
Using nice, sharp scissors cut a little over an inch wide strip of material.
I used the tip of my thumb as a rough guide. 
Because we're curling the material there's no need for perfection.

After you have cut your strip, stretch the material out to about twice its normal length. 
After you let go the material should roll onto itself and make a curled over loop.
Hang your loops on a hanger until you've achieved the volume you want, 
keeping in mind that you'll be folding your loops over your neck twice.

Annnd then wear it to breakfast and make it smell like grease...

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