Feb 6, 2012


(singing) First blog EVERRRR!!!! I sing my sentences a lot, poorly sung but I still find it charming. Yes, I find myself charming.

Mmkay, so my name is Lindsey.

(long pause to reflect on how many pictures I have of myself in "Rubber face" and no quality pictures to make an awesome impression on potential blog readers...eek.) 
But Heyyyy....hope you enjoy that lovely self portrait. Like I said, charming.

I am currently knocking out my Bachelor's degree in Biology at a college in Buffalo. 
I'll be done May 2012, wha whaaa!?!?
Afterwards I am packing up my Jeep and two boys...
 ...Yep, that's my pups: Benny and Elwood....and I'm moving back to
Louisiana to start my life with my smokin' hot man...
Mmm, just makes me moist (in my mouth PERV!!)...
Is it weird that my attempted joke suggested that I salivate over pictures of my man??

Ok so my game plan is not to replicate the blogs that I follow 
(how annoying is that, right? same thing over and over again)
but to document things I encounter and expose them, Doogie Howser style. 

Hope you ENJOY!!
if you don't, you can go eat a turd!

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