Feb 13, 2012

An introduction to "654"

So I am so lucky to have an amazing friend and room mate. We just feed off each other and it's resulted in me peeing my pants in laughter, literally. So we have lived together for the last, uhhh, seven (?) months and it's been a ridiculous road of hysterical laughs. Last night consisted of us "studying" for our tests.
"Studying"- jamming out, in our Sunday's laziest pajamas of course, to Ryan Cabrera and planning our music video to one of his songs. It went to the extent of us running downstairs (like old school, 'sleepover at your friend's house' run) to find my dad's guitar for the scene where we'd be sitting on a stool in the middle of our snow laden backyard and belting out "I KNOW your right around the corner, you're right around the cornerrrr (epic pause) It's not enough." After recovering from laughter we put clothes suitable for public viewing and went out to sushi. Now we brought our study materials with us however our study time was saturated with us speaking in British accents about an imaginary situation. What? You wanna know what the situation was? Well, I'll tell you. It involved me going to school, a girl parking too close to my car, so I pooped in a plastic bag I had in my car and then smeared it in her car door handle just to ruin her evening.
Reminder: That situation was IMAGINARY, hilariously imaginary.

So incredibly HOT...like sick with the flu hot.
I had a great Sunday with the turd of a room mate I call Christina.

Christina & I
Adios from "654"

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